Special Help for Special Kids...

Many children with special needs benefit from the Blanket that Stays Put! for different reasons. Parents of children with autism, sensory processing disorders (SPD), Down Syndrome, cerebral palsy, and epilepsy have reported the benefits their children receive from the unique design.

Koje's sleeping solution offers special comfort for those children affected by autism and sensory processing disorder (SPD) who have difficulty with their spatial boundaries. Because the blanket wraps around completely and stays in place the child has a tangible boundary to provide the sensory perception they need. SPD affects many children in many ways and in varying degrees. For those who are not familiar with this disorder, please visit the SPD Foundation to learn more. You may find that some of the challenges you have with your child's behavior is not just "kids being kids", and you'll find relief in discovering an explanation. The SPD Foundation is also a great place to start finding resources to help.

One mother of a young girl with Down Syndrome shared that she is pleased for a solution because her daughter "has a terrible time with blankets. She constantly has them over her head, or twisted around her."

Koje is excited that Keep Me Kozy™ has brought relief to parents of children with other issues such as epilepsy. The mother of a 7 year old with a severe form of epilepsy says, "The best thing is that she cannot pull the blankets up any farther. They cannot be balled up and in her face to suffocate her."

Not recommended for infants ....... Not a substitute for safety rails.