Keep Me Kozy™ delivers an innovative, long overdue replacement for flat blanketing! It's design transforms a mattress into a pouch. The blanket stays put and kids stay covered. There are no ends to pull loose so the cover stays wrapped around a child keeping them “tucked in”.

If you have ever wondered how to keep the blanket on the bed or how to make blankets stay on kids now you have the answer! Keep Me Kozy™ is a blanket that zips up and stays on - a blanket that doesn’t fall off.

The material is fleece providing some warmth, and although it swaddles and snuggles, it has some “give” so it is not too restrictive. Machine washable.

The simple one-piece design is easy to use. After the bottom fitted sheet is on the mattress, the Keep Me Kozy™ blanket slides over the mattress which is then placed on the bed frame. The weight of the mattress along with the weight of the child will keep it in place. It is not intended for infants or to obstruct movement. It is designed for the purpose of keeping covers on the bed and wrapped around an individual.

The Toddler size fits a crib mattress (approximately 28" x 52") and has a zipper on one side. It can easily be removed and flipped over if the bed is re-positioned so that the Keep Me Kozy™ blanket opens on the opposite side.

The Twin size fits a standard twin size mattress (approximately 39" x 75"). It has a zipper on both sides to better accommodate the larger mattress if you should move the bed into another position.

Not recommended for infants ....... Not a substitute for safety rails.