Let me introduce you . . .

Hi! My name is Koje.

One of my playmates, a little girl named Evie, told me about how much she enjoys being tucked into her bed at night. But then sometimes she wakes up during the night. She’s cold because she’s on top of her blanket instead of under it. Sometimes the blanket is bunched up on the floor. And, her Mommie and Daddy don’t seem very happy when she sneaks her cold feet into bed with them.

It made me think about my mother’s pouch, and I wished Evie could have a cozy place to sleep like I do. So I asked my Mommie if she could help and she fashioned a way to transform Evie’s mattress into a pouch.

I took the pouch and bounced over to my friend's house. It's a blanket that wraps completely around the mattress, made of fleece to be warm and cozy, closed on the foot of the mattress so it won’t pull up too far, and has a zipper on the side so it’s easy to get in and out of. There are no ends to pull loose so it stays put. Her Mommie put it on her bed, and Evie snuggled down into it. She giggled and said, “Now my bed will keep me cozy.”

Her Mommie and Daddy were happy, too. Evie hadn’t told me, but her Daddy knew that since she had just moved from her crib she sometimes tumbles off the bed. But wrapped with her Keep Me Kozy™ blanket she stays put. Mommie was happy that Evie can't drag her blanket around the house or into the yard. Making the bed is so easy now, just zip it up. And no more cold feet in the middle of the night!

Koje was delighted for his friend but thrilled when he learned that the snug sensation provides a particular benefit for many children with autism, and that the design is appreciated by parents of children with other special needs, too.

It's comforting for parents to know their children stay covered all night, so Keep Me Kozy™ contributes to a better night's sleep for children and parents!

Not recommended for infants ....... Not a substitute for safety rails.